Definition of ever since in English:

ever since


  • Throughout the period since.

    ‘she had lived alone ever since her husband died’
    • ‘The couple have travelled the world together ever since and began living together a year ago.’
    • ‘We peeled her up out of the mud, and she slunk off to the shed and hid under a bucket, and has lived there ever since.’
    • ‘We met last summer in a city bar and had remained in sporadic contact ever since.’
    • ‘Following its closure as a bank several years ago it has remained empty ever since.’
    • ‘Thanks to the largesse of the airline caterers, they have lived like kings ever since.’
    • ‘He introduced himself to me by the punch table, and we have remained friends ever since.’
    • ‘He arrived in Scotland as a refugee and has lived in the Glasgow area ever since.’
    • ‘She has been there ever since and insists she will remain until her daughter is freed.’
    • ‘We have been campaigning for the bus lanes' removal ever since it was put there.’
    • ‘The pair met during World War Two at an East London youth club and have been together ever since.’