Definition of ever so in English:

ever so

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  • Very.

    ‘I am ever so grateful’
    • ‘The ride back was incredibly easy, especially as it was ever so slightly uphill.’
    • ‘Across a field is the Minster, little but ever so pretty and on everybody's list of favourite churches.’
    • ‘I took the form back to the dole office and enquired, ever so politely, why they had filled it in incorrectly.’
    • ‘Below me is a sea of clouds, as far as I can see, nothing but a gray lumpy mattress of thick vapor, moving ever so slowly.’
    • ‘He said he thought it was brighter than normal, when I revealed my ever so subtle April Fool's trick!’
    • ‘I feel ever so slightly guilty lighting up when someone's next to me eating.’
    • ‘I would be ever so chuffed if everyone reading this just leaves a comment.’
    • ‘Through the years he has worked diligently on all aspects of his game and changed his emphasis ever so slightly.’
    • ‘If I felt any kind of affection for them whatsoever, I'd be ever so much more impressed with it all.’
    • ‘Well, they taste ever so much better than the ones for sale in supermarkets.’
    very, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely
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