Definition of everblooming in English:


Pronunciation /ˈevərˈblo͞omiNG/ /ˈɛvərˈblumɪŋ/


  • (of a plant) in bloom throughout most or all of the growing season.

    ‘others prefer an everblooming variety like the rugosa roses’
    • ‘Gardeners in warmer zones can substitute an everblooming, compact plant such as Lantana camara ‘Feston Rose’, which produces mostly pink blooms with touches of yellow.’
    • ‘The mixed pocket garden she designed to liven up the front entry pictured at left - filled with cool, soft purples and lemon yellows - is nearly everblooming.’
    • ‘They are low-growing, everblooming daisies that are also called arctotis.’
    • ‘Climbing hybrid teas and some other large-flowered, everblooming climbers don't need such severe pruning.’
    • ‘These are the roses grown in Europe before the everblooming roses arrived from China, around 1800.’



/ˈevərˈblo͞omiNG/ /ˈɛvərˈblumɪŋ/