Definition of everlastingness in English:



See everlasting

  • ‘Our lives and love have an ultimate significance, and ‘we are all heirs of everlastingness,’ so that ‘whatever we do or are furnishes material to the hands which out of perishing stuff create eternal joy.’’
  • ‘And what does this signify… other than the everlastingness and everpresence of this holy sacrifice?’
  • ‘Of course, there is nothing new about associating art with immortality: Shakespeare's sonnets do so repeatedly, Donne imagines a poem as a funeral urn, and Keats sees a Grecian urn as an image of art's everlastingness.’
  • ‘If the everlastingness of one's unadulterated DNA was the paramount concern - incest would have been the norm.’
  • ‘The material Benno Kaiser uses, the sand, does not have the same claim of everlastingness as bronze or marble.’