Definition of every bit as in English:

every bit as


  • (in comparisons) quite as.

    ‘the planning should be every bit as enjoyable as the event itself’
    • ‘At home, the government has pursued Tory policies every bit as ardently as the Tories would have done.’
    • ‘His musical legacy lives on thanks to dedicated fans of his style, many of whom play every bit as well as he ever did.’
    • ‘Buy the wrong kind of property in the wrong location and you will have picked every bit as bad a dog as any bombing share.’
    • ‘If only it was quite so straightforward, we would all be taking pictures every bit as good as Bailey's.’
    • ‘Sauvignon Blanc grown here is capable of making wines every bit as refreshingly aromatic as Sancerre.’
    • ‘Rods need not be long when boat fishing - indeed a short rod will be easier to cope with and will do the job every bit as well.’
    • ‘It just goes to show that mate is not the only way to win games, technique can be used every bit as effectively.’
    • ‘If the early signs are anything to go by, resistance is likely to be every bit as fierce this time round.’
    • ‘I smiled, but the truth was I was every bit as down about it all as Alex appeared to be.’
    • ‘Fortunately, it's every bit as enjoyable as his previous attempts, but much more mature.’