Definition of every few in English:

every few


  • Once in every small group of (typically units of time)

    ‘she visits every few weeks’
    • ‘But forty or so of you who visit at least once every few days think I'm doing something right.’
    • ‘With a bulk shop online once every few weeks you can top up on all basic foodstuffs and household items.’
    • ‘The emphasis was moving away from local struggles to big protests once every few months.’
    • ‘Marlborough, being an old coaching stop-over town, once boasted a pub every few steps.’
    • ‘And it has to be said that this particular topic has a habit of coming around at least once every few years.’
    • ‘Decant the mixture into a spray bottle and spray once every few days on your garden.’
    • ‘You've got to understand that he and I only talk once every few months on the phone.’
    • ‘She also hopes to visit Britain every few months to attend council meetings.’
    • ‘The mobile phone keeps ringing every few minutes and messages have her grinning widely.’
    • ‘As I sat down at my desk, I couldn't stop running my hands through my hair and flicking it every few seconds.’