Definition of every inch in English:

every inch


  • 1The whole surface, distance, or area.

    ‘between them they know every inch of the country’
    • ‘Our hosts, Norsemaid Charters, have been in the business for 15 years and know every inch of the area.’
    • ‘Our driver, a prosperous local farmer from the area, knows every inch of the land.’
    • ‘Mike has subjected every inch of the floor and cabinet area around the sink to a microscopic sniff test.’
    • ‘The pavement is so uneven that it seems almost a work of art, cars occupy every inch of space, and pickpockets make a good living.’
    • ‘Kits were designed to cover every inch of visible flesh but they survived long after such heavily mannered prudishness had deceased.’
    • ‘He knew every inch of that museum, every painting, every room.’
    • ‘She realized, however, that she could not do it alone, even if she filled every inch of her small home and yard with plants.’
    • ‘But every inch of canvas is the product of hard conceptual crafting.’
    • ‘Danger lurks every inch of the treacherous stretch with no reflectors or signboards to indicate the width of the road.’
    • ‘If human beings have the right to occupy every inch of the earth, so do animals.’
  • 2Entirely; very much so.

    ‘he's every inch the gentleman’
    • ‘Immaculately besuited, he is every inch the genial Latino gentleman.’
    • ‘Contrary to my expectations, he was every inch the country gentleman, a charming and solicitous host.’
    • ‘Fully formed now, the man before me today looks every inch the confident star.’
    • ‘Resplendent in their burgundy and yellow strip, the Salisbury side took the field looking every inch a professional outfit.’
    • ‘But there was an interesting line from the man who year in year out says that his budgets are every inch a Labor budget.’
    • ‘Today, the 50-year-old looks every inch the cowboy that he plays in the remake of the classic Western.’
    • ‘Gregson looks every inch the private banker: tall, bald, bespectacled, carefully dressed in a dark suit.’
    • ‘Feverishly chewing gum and shifting nervously in his seat he looked every inch what he was… a politician under siege.’
    • ‘Clad in sou'wester and thigh boots, his rugged, bearded features are every inch the Victorian lifeboatman.’
    • ‘On the surface he appeared every inch the successful businessman but we discovered a dark past.’
    absolutely, completely, totally, fully, wholly