Definition of every last (or every single) in English:

every last (or every single)


  • Used to emphasize that every member of a group is included.

    ‘unbelievers, every last one of them’
    • ‘Because those rights are the rights of every single member of this United Kingdom.’
    • ‘She's frightened every single moment of every single day for herself and her family.’
    • ‘Practically every single thing said by every single character will make you laugh.’
    • ‘He can play in every single competition and every single league all over the world.’
    • ‘What political biography written last or this century has included every last detail.’
    • ‘They like to analyse, with flip charts, every single detail of every single part of the car.’
    • ‘A bit too much emphasis was paid on hitting every single scene in the book, to the detriment of a few scenes.’
    • ‘My mother, just to be cruel, had insisted that every single item be put back where it belonged.’
    • ‘Training appears to rear its head on almost every single Inquiry document that I have read.’
    • ‘The bad news is that every single byte of data on the hard drive has been completely and irretrievably lost.’
    each, each and every, every single