Definition of every man jack in English:

every man jack


  • Each and every person (used for emphasis)

    ‘they're spies, every man jack of them’
    • ‘Those who had short-changed or betrayed him were no longer on the scene in Europe or America - every man jack of them had passed on, he was pleased to note.’
    • ‘In the second half at Bolton in particular, every man jack in that Rovers team gave every ounce of effort to preserve that lead in the face of a continual aerial bombardment.’
    • ‘As we went up the climb, we passed every man jack of 'em, all of them straining heroically.’
    • ‘I'm going after Maggie and I want every man jack here to get his rifle and ride with me.’
    • ‘Jeans and trainers may vary, but every man jack of them will be wearing a checked Burberry cap and a Stone Island jumper, usually in a fetching shade of beige.’
    • ‘If the ‘huntsmen’ were to tell me that hunting was just darned good fun, I'd pat every man jack of them on the back.’
    • ‘We moved slow enough so that every man jack had time to halt what he were doing and congregate where they knew we'd end up, just outside the man McRae's tent.’