Definition of every now and again (or now and then) in English:

every now and again (or now and then)


  • From time to time; occasionally.

    ‘I used to see him every now and then’
    • ‘Only the occasional deadpan one liner leaks out every now and again.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's healthy to have a kick in the teeth like that every now and then.’
    • ‘The Chief Minister encouraged a little spoken of question that comes up every now and then.’
    • ‘The muse may crave a spot of deprivation and misery every now and then to spark the old imagination, but there are limits.’
    • ‘The question comes up every now and then and mostly I can avoid giving an answer.’
    • ‘I wonder if I'll ever get over this sense of astonishment that hits me every now and then.’
    • ‘We all have at least one person we think about every now and then and wonder what they might be up to.’
    • ‘You will need to top up with chicken stock every now and then to stop it drying out.’
    • ‘Obviously the ability to save money is a dead useful skill, but it would be nice to blow some of it every now and then.’
    • ‘Washing his hair still isn't a problem because he has a tendency to sit up to play with his toys every now and then.’
    occasionally, from time to time, now and again, now and then, every now and again, every now and then, every so often, every once in a while, on occasion, on occasions, on the odd occasion, at times, sometimes, off and on, at intervals, periodically, sporadically, spasmodically, erratically, irregularly, intermittently, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, fitfully, discontinuously, piecemeal