Definition of every one in English:

every one


  • Each one.

    • ‘He commemorated the event by kissing every one of the female members of the European party he could find.’
    • ‘Such protection against enemy fire means every one of the troops returns from the raid uninjured.’
    • ‘Look how the sun warms every one of us in the morning with its soft dappled beams.’
    • ‘We parried with all the other reasons people might have weblogs, and he met and challenged me on every one.’
    • ‘They sit at the top of every one of your pages and they're designed to make it easy to spot things when you bookmark them.’
    • ‘Each and every one of them appears to be trying to fool the populace into believing that potty training is fun.’
    • ‘For every one of these bags you imagine a few more grey hairs, a few more lines etched deeper into the forehead.’
    • ‘She's never wanted to have a job because she's loathed every one she's ever done.’
    • ‘I've only got a limited amount of races left in my career and every one counts.’
    • ‘The content of each book has been designed by a student from Glasgow School of Art so that every one is unique.’
    • ‘Let me go and get hit by a bus and I'll bet you they release every one of those records as an album and people will buy them.’
    • ‘It certainly was an honour, but it is up to every one of us to make sure we help our fellow citizens.’
    • ‘We then got to meet the children and from this point on we were just smitten with every one of them.’
    • ‘No one is making excuses for that; every one of those lives lost is a catastrophe.’
    • ‘This is what we expected from every one of the lectures and we were surprised to find that didn't happen.’
    • ‘Baths and showers are torment, as after every one the itch is worse, the dryness more extreme.’
    • ‘He wrote a lot more than I do; but there they are and every one is pretty much worth its place in the book.’
    • ‘Each and every one of the victories was in the balance right up to the final whistle.’
    • ‘It is up to every one of us to explore ways and means of cutting down on the contents of our garbage bin.’
    • ‘George is the survivor, the cat with nine lives, and he has an autobiography for every one of them.’
    every one, each one, each and every one, one and all, all, the whole lot


The pronoun everyone, meaning ‘every person,’ is spelled as one word: everyone had a great time at the party. The pronoun every one, meaning ‘each one,’ is spelled as two words: he visited every one of those countries many times