Definition of every other in English:

every other

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(also every second)
  • Each second in a series; each alternate.

    ‘I train with weights every other day’
    • ‘the auctions are held every second week’
    • ‘She has a fulltime job this year, but she trains once a day and twice every other day.’
    • ‘They are all for the odd shock, but not every other week, thank you very much.’
    • ‘It's like having my own brief personal horoscope appearing almost every other day for all to see.’
    • ‘I had a sad moment when I saw someone I know who is very poorly and having dialysis every other day.’
    • ‘At present I do ten press-ups every other day, and jog round the block twice a week.’
    • ‘Bearded guys aside, we only have to shave our faces once a day or every other day and that pretty much takes care of it.’
    • ‘Maybe I will go for writing every other weekday instead of attempting the daily entry.’
    • ‘Garden bins will be emptied every other week, on the same day as recycling boxes.’
    • ‘There is an accident every other week purely because of the narrow road and its nasty corners.’
    • ‘A bunch of us used to go watch Whitley Bay Warriors play ice hockey every other Sunday.’
    every other, every second