Definition of every penny in English:

every penny


  • All of the available money.

    ‘she has spent every penny on the dinner’
    • ‘Every penny raised through our joint appeal will be spent improving the services provided to Scottish carers.’
    • ‘They work hard, and deserve every penny they earn.’
    • ‘When I was 17 I had over $50,000 in the bank, and I had earned every penny.’
    • ‘"We want to make sure that we get every penny that we're entitled to," he said.’
    • ‘At this moment in time we are striving to save every penny we can to buy our first house.’
    • ‘Those fearing for their health and life will spend every penny on a chimera of help.’
    • ‘Tax cuts for the bottom half of the working population—in particular those low income households who are now spending every penny they earn—are far more likely to help the high street.’
    • ‘A lot of us are looking to squeeze every penny we can get, so there are some really good bargains out there.’
    • ‘The magic of Harry Potter is an addictive and intoxicating experience, and worth every penny of the not insignificant cost.’
    • ‘Finding ways to wring every penny out of real estate expenses can become such an overriding priority that cost cutting becomes an end in itself.’