Definition of every so often in English:

every so often

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  • From time to time; occasionally.

    ‘every so often I need a laugh to stay sane’
    • ‘They'd stop by our place every so often to see if she is fine, and there will always be a stand-by car for her if she needs to go anywhere.’
    • ‘He has a habit of disappearing every so often… then he makes a great comeback.’
    • ‘Stir it every so often so it doesn't stick to the bottom, or, even worse - burn.’
    • ‘The prickling in my feet comes and goes, and I'm tippy and dizzy every so often, but nothing is too bad right now.’
    • ‘The first day of filming went considerably well apart from Melia wandering in front of the camera every so often.’
    • ‘And, every so often, he announces that he's finished with the business of acting altogether.’
    • ‘And keep her on her toes by making her a little jealous every so often.’
    • ‘Like any company we need to refresh our appeal every so often and the new on-screen look has brought a new vitality to the station.’
    • ‘I'm supposed to have scans every so often, just to make sure it's ticking as it should.’
    • ‘Andy is one of those gifted individuals that come along every so often.’