Definition of every time in English:

every time


  • Without exception.

    ‘it brews a perfect blend of coffee every time’
    • ‘We are going down the line of saying we cannot always send a police officer every time people ring in.’
    • ‘Phone each company every time as well and make sure you always speak to the same person.’
    • ‘There is a risk every time an engine goes out but only sending one is a gamble.’
    • ‘This, he is told, is a clock whose second hand moves forward every time he tells an untruth.’
    • ‘Imagine if there was a tennis racket symbol on our screens every time she was interviewed?’
    • ‘Every few seconds it popped up again and every time it did so it trivialised the subject even more.’
    • ‘I am really enjoying the show and I think it is reaching new heights every time I do it.’
    • ‘I followed it with spray-can in hand and gave it several zaps every time it came near me.’
    • ‘We can't keep the kids prisoners in their own homes but they run the risk every time they go out.’
    • ‘There's a picture of my brother on my desk, and every time I look at it, it comes up again.’