Definition of every whit in English:

every whit


  • Wholly.

    ‘my mother was fond of her and I shall be every whit as fond’
    • ‘Navigating successfully through these novel assumptions will take every whit of mature perspective and human relations expertise that US military leaders can muster.’
    • ‘But the Genevan church showed itself every whit as masterful and dogmatic as its Roman rival, and its actions were equally justified by an appeal to Divine authority.’
    • ‘Elvis made more money but Boots Roots was every whit as successful.’
    • ‘And the purification is by the communication of a new life and nature in which we are clean every whit.’
    • ‘It would make it every whit as absurd as the ancient system of Pagan polytheism, which, admitting a plurality of deities, allowed an intercommunity among them and their worshipers.’
    • ‘Their gowns were every whit as costly as those of the ladies.’
    • ‘The builders of the Pyramids were every whit as good as Newton.’
    • ‘Miss Braham was every whit as charming and seductive as she had been, some years ago, in the analogous part of Patience.’
    • ‘Augier replied in language every whit as cutting as that used by his critic.’
    • ‘I was an incomparably weaker man than Raffles, while every whit as wicked.’