Definition of evil-looking in English:



  • Wicked or frightening in appearance.

    ‘a huge man with evil-looking eyes’
    ‘an evil-looking mask’
    • ‘An evil-looking dragon tattooed on his skin testifies to the man he became.’
    • ‘All of them carry long and particularly evil-looking swords with serrated edges.’
    • ‘An evil-looking black pig dozed in the rubble.’
    • ‘They soon established that the evil-looking chemical cloud was not dangerous and worked for two hours to vent it out into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘The men were scowling, evil-looking thugs.’
    • ‘While exploring his barn, John finds an old door, and behind it a rather evil-looking scarecrow.’
    • ‘The leader of the fishermen is vicious, sneaky, and evil-looking.’
    • ‘Woke up this morning to a rather evil-looking sky: grey, dark, light rain falling.’
    • ‘There are many evil-looking things, such as buzzsaws and knives and lasers lying around.’
    • ‘The photo gallery showcases the world's most evil-looking pets.’
    menacing, threatening, ominous, forbidding, baleful, frightening, eerie, alarming, disturbing, disquieting, dark, black, suggestive of evil, evil-looking