Definition of evil-minded in English:



  • Having wicked or harmful intentions; malicious.

    ‘evil-minded people are using him to get into power’
    ‘invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers’
    • ‘I formed the plain view about you that you were a malicious and evil-minded old woman, determined to make the lives of your neighbours an utter misery.’
    • ‘Emmy chimes in with, ‘People aren't as evil-minded as they were when you were a soldier, Papa.’’
    • ‘If some evil-minded person secretly slips a portion of cannabis resin into the pocket of another without the other's knowledge, the other is not in law in possession of the cannabis.’
    • ‘Even the anonymous faculty members Blackie overhears chatting in the dining club are evil-minded snobs, plotting to sabotage younger colleagues tenure or send them off to Lesser Universities.’
    • ‘A patient named Clarice has become resigned to beatings by her evil-minded husband.’
    • ‘On the 28th of February, 1880, J. C. Kesterson's warehouse and Dooley's hotel were consumed by fire, also supposed to have been the work of some evil-minded genius.’
    • ‘She thinks the virus was created by "evil-minded scientists".’
    malicious, spiteful, hostile, evil-minded, baleful, bitter, evil-intentioned, poisonous, venomous, evil, malign, malignant, rancorous, vicious, vindictive, revengeful, vengeful, pernicious