Definition of evil-smelling in English:



  • Having an extremely unpleasant smell.

    ‘an evil-smelling cesspit’
    • ‘They live in a small flat off the foyer, with a blaring TV and something evil-smelling boiling on the stove.’
    • ‘We had a fairly long walk in the fields and got into an evil-smelling swamp.’
    • ‘In a moment of devilment, or perhaps madness, I accepted a mouthful of this evil-smelling mess of which any aspiring witch would be proud.’
    • ‘In the old dockyard quarter of La Boca, US tourists posed for photos with tango artistes beside the most evil-smelling, polluted river I've ever come across.’
    • ‘Smoke generators, burning fuel oil to create a dense and evil-smelling cloud, were able to screen targets from air or ground attack for extended periods.’
    • ‘Great clouds of filthy, evil-smelling smoke billowed from his garden to ours, rolled over the house and down the other side.’
    • ‘An evil-smelling cigar butt, very much frazzled, protruded from the corner of his mouth.’
    • ‘As I came up he was lighting rank tobacco, in a cutty pipe, with an evil-smelling match, and the flame showed me the suspicion of a smile.’
    • ‘It was always fish on a Friday, and at this particular convent it was invariably a somewhat evil-smelling fish pie - its smell haunts me to this day.’
    • ‘The first spill of some 5,000 tonnes of oil fouled beaches with an evil-smelling bed of tar, killed or coated hundreds of seabirds and caused untold damage to the region's renowned shellfish and fish resources.’