Definition of evildoing in English:



See evildoer

  • ‘Corporate evildoing is not exceptional behaviour: rather, it is the norm.’
  • ‘As of now I have no evidence of their evildoing, so their only real crime was entering my zone of consciousness.’
  • ‘But the uncertain fate of the third group raised a much more general question: are people who keep silent in the face of evildoing - for all that they themselves do not participate in it - to be reckoned among the damned or the saved?’
  • ‘He did in fact think that occasions may arise when offensive war is warranted - to regain things wrongly taken, to thwart and punish organized evildoing, or to protect innocents from harm.’
  • ‘After church, everyone simply resumed to their lives, their lives of interminable evildoing; just as if nothing happened.’