Definition of evisceration in English:




See eviscerate

  • ‘But the resistance is doing better now, partly because new media now give the traditionalists heavy aid, most notably in the devastating daily eviscerations of the deeply biased and increasingly shameful big-time press.’
  • ‘There are swordfights (human and alien), eviscerations and even some surprising-but-welcome computer-generated effects, as the blood of the fallen coagulates into an enormous red monster.’
  • ‘With a kind of devilish glee he devises for himself ever more terrible punishments, tortures, eviscerations.’
  • ‘To speak of the diminished importance of history and literature, the evisceration of literary material, and the disintegration of a national culture presumes a benchmark from which this decline has taken place.’
  • ‘As a man struggling to reclaim my manhood from the evisceration I received at the hands of a fatherless upbringing, and a societal curriculum that drugs maleness to make it more feminine, I relate.’