Definition of evocatively in English:



See evocative

  • ‘During the late 1960s, Smithson had created a number of memorable land-based artworks, including Spiral Jetty on Utah's Great Salt Lake and the evocatively volcanic Closed Mirror Square of 1969.’
  • ‘However, another source of that success has lain in the extent to which organizing among women and Hispanic and black workers has been linked, even if only evocatively, to a larger struggle for social justice.’
  • ‘The conservative climate that prevailed five decades ago, with the songs and movies of those years - all these are evocatively captured in the letters and the illustrations in the book.’
  • ‘Most evocatively, an image of a setting sun marks the passage of a single day throughout the course of the play, holding true to Aristotle's belief that all good tragedy should take place within 24 hours.’
  • ‘(She has it all take place in one evocatively described place, then wants a scene-change ten minutes from the end).’