Definition of evocativeness in English:



See evocative

  • ‘Aristotle's Poetics contains a sentence that stands out for its simplicity and evocativeness: ‘Sophocles said that he himself created characters such as should exist, whereas Euripides created ones such as actually do exist’.’
  • ‘The whir of the machines, the changing tones, colors and degree of focus, the rhythmic progression of frames and the colloquial style of subtitles (with their occasional spelling errors) add greatly to the evocativeness of the whole.’
  • ‘I use this phrase here only because of its evocativeness and ability to capture perfectly the issues that I would like to address in this paper.’
  • ‘Photographs convey their singularity and pragmatic making, but don't capture their sly humor and evocativeness.’
  • ‘And they are consistent across media in content and emotional evocativeness.’