Definition of evolvable in English:



See evolve

  • ‘Infrastructure built on evolvable formats will always be partially incomplete, partially wrong and ultimately better designed than its competition.’
  • ‘Although it looks like a load of chips, to put it simplistically, the ability to detect faults and attempt recovery and to produce evolvable hardware is at the cutting edge.’
  • ‘For future missions, NASA needs machines that are resilient, evolvable, self-sufficient, ultra-efficient, and autonomous.’
  • ‘In it he stated the principle of ‘irreducible complexity’ and claimed that, amongst other things, the clotting system and the eubacterial flagella were irreducibly complex, and were not evolvable.’
  • ‘As expected, homoplasy shows a negative relationship with number of character states for all values of evolutionary rate, and a positive relationship with rate for every number of evolvable states.’