Main definitions of ew in English

: ew1EW2



(also eww)
  • Used to express disgust or distaste.

    • ‘ew, I'd hate to think what has been trampled into that carpet’
    • ‘eww, how can you eat that?’
    • ‘We wouldn't like to be the street cleaner who gets that particular beat… eww.’
    • ‘I wish I was as tough as the skin on my feet (eww) sometimes.’
    • ‘Big hair and pencil skirts (eww) appeared at first.’
    • ‘Yeah, I'm even adding in, the ' eww… boys have cooties ' years.’
    • ‘It sicked me out because at first I'm dancing then I feel like eww you're just staring at my boobs.’
    • ‘They're funny because the "eww" factor is high, but that only makes her scarier when she turns on Christine.’
    • ‘Oh eww I just called Tanner my brother.’
    • ‘An "eww" from the children caused them to part and laugh.’
    • ‘I'll miss the dirty look he would give you when he yawned in your face with that disgusting old dog breath, and you went "eww!"’
    • ‘But that's also not possible since I have 6 more days of high school in my public school career and I've got to study for finals… eww!’
    • ‘One glove was… eww… in the toilet, and the other was filthy.’
    • ‘They loaded me up with happy gas, told me I had an abscess (eww), drilled out some decay and took $200 out of my pocket.’
    • ‘She looks like a baked lemon. eww’
    • ‘This selection of peep-toe boots, high-heeled Oxfords and studded short boots (I'm sorry, Gucci, but eww) should not see the light of day.’
    • ‘She wasn't even that pretty with her contact blue eyes, eww Kasha wannabe and pale pink lipstick.’



/ˈēo͞o/ /ˈiu/


1970s imitative.

Main definitions of EW in English

: ew1EW2



  • Enlisted woman (women).