Definition of ex-husband in English:


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  • A man to whom someone was formerly married, from whom they are now divorced.

    ‘The fellow she describes is very much like my ex husband.’
    • ‘Top of my first list of ' ideal matches ' was my ex-husband!’
    • ‘She had to balance her life-threatening situation with the pending child custody case with her ex-husband.’
    • ‘For years she tried to shield the girls from her own feelings of anger towards her ex-husband.’
    • ‘She has a 5-year-old son with ex-husband Phil Bronstein.’
    • ‘The first random schmuck to get snuffed happened to be Claudette's ex-husband, out in a car with their daughter.’
    • ‘I have an American email friend whose ex-husband used to drive the half mile to church.’
    • ‘Further complicating matters is Faunia's ex-husband Farley, a psychotic Vietnam veteran.’
    • ‘At the train station, she bumps into her ex-husband Bruno, Viktor's father, by chance.’
    • ‘Last month, Rachel announced her plans to sue her ex-husband Rod for the staggering sum of £ 35m.’
    • ‘Now, her ex-husband has reportedly told investigators she did use performance-enhancing drugs.’
    • ‘Plus, your ex-husband must pay interest on the delinquent child support payments.’
    • ‘Donna's ex-husband, Steve, has remarried to Julie.’
    • ‘My ex-husband has been living with a woman for six years.’
    • ‘One of our church member's ex-husband recently died.’
    • ‘Now, obviously, people are aware that your ex-husband, Donald, is also a developer there.’
    • ‘Just moments earlier, after hearing shots in the kibbutz, she had placed a call to her ex-husband, Avi.’
    • ‘Diana made the tape and kept the letters as ammunition she could use against her ex-husband.’
    • ‘Margaret Smith was an MSP and mother of two children with an ex-husband and a successful political career.’
    • ‘So I was impressed the other day by what I heard about Camilla's ex-husband.’