Definition of exactingly in English:



See exacting

  • ‘Her flowers are exactingly painted, petal, leaf, and stalk; her plates and pheasants waiting to be plucked are textbook - perfect.’
  • ‘You may know me as an exactingly subtle novelist who peels away the artifices of European civilization to expose the twitching nerves of the human animal.’
  • ‘Musically, this debut is lovingly and exactingly orchestrated with an array of instruments - not just the usual piano, cello, and drums, but also flute, organ, melodica, and horns - that subtly shade the songs' emotions.’
  • ‘He achieves this with exactingly collaged pieces of stained fabric whose proportions, shapes and tones generally match those of the architectural surfaces in the governing prototypes.’
  • ‘On a rare recording, he can be heard to stumble on the next-to-last line-something unheard-of for one who enunciated so exactingly.’