Definition of exaggerate in English:


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[with object]
  • Represent (something) as being larger, better, or worse than it really is.

    • ‘he was apt to exaggerate any aches and pains’
    • ‘claims of turmoil within the firm are greatly exaggerated’
    • ‘I couldn't sleep for three days—I'm not exaggerating’
    overstate, overemphasize, overstress, overestimate, overvalue, magnify, amplify, aggrandize, inflate
    overstated, overemphasized, inflated, magnified, amplified, aggrandized, excessive, hyperbolic, over-elaborate, overdone, overripe, overplayed, overdramatized, theatrical, dramatic, actorly, highly coloured, extravagant, melodramatic, sensational, sensationalist, sensationalistic
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Mid 16th century from Latin exaggerat- ‘heaped up’, from the verb exaggerare, from ex- ‘thoroughly’ + aggerare ‘heap up’ (from agger ‘heap’). The word originally meant ‘pile up, accumulate’, later ‘intensify praise or blame’, giving rise to current senses.



/ɪɡˈzadʒəreɪt/ /ɛɡˈzadʒəreɪt/