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  • 1

    short for examination (sense 2)

    ‘he was likely to fail his exams again’
    • ‘exam results’
    • ‘The one upcoming thing I have is on Friday I'm going to get the results of the exams I took in January.’
    • ‘Students at Wyke College in Hull are still waiting for the correct results of exams they sat last summer.’
    • ‘Problems with the exams could mean results being delayed for both GCSEs and A-levels.’
    • ‘His schedule is pretty packed now as a result of exams, but he finds the time to relax.’
    • ‘The FSA now prefers to assess them on their term work rather than their exam results.’
    • ‘It was up to the individual to work although if you failed exams too often you might be sent down.’
    • ‘She hated exams and failed everything, and was told at an early age that she was not very bright.’
    • ‘If a boy failed his exams he could always join the army or get an apprenticeship.’
    • ‘The next year he again failed the exam and, according to some historians, had a nervous breakdown.’
    • ‘The ultra-low holiday prices offered in May could be the reason that a pupil fails to take an exam.’
    • ‘If she fails in the entrance exam, she has said she would try again and never give up.’
    • ‘Some pupils weren't as smart as others so they failed an exam and were held back to repeat the same year.’
    • ‘We are aware he was ill during the exam period and he actually believed he had failed the exam.’
    • ‘Pupils who sit the exam but fail or get a lower grade than expected can also appeal.’
    • ‘Send the results of any other exams you've taken directly to the university.’
    • ‘The result of the exam is given in a number between one and fifty, fifty being the highest.’
    • ‘To qualify, you have to do two written exams, an oral exam and umpire in a number of matches over two seasons.’
    • ‘Work begins on the systems required to collate and mark continuous assessment and exams.’
    • ‘He basically fails all his exams and is only kept at the school because of his wealth.’
    • ‘Worrying over the results after the exam is a futile exercise as you cannot alter the result.’
    test, examination, paper, question paper, oral, practical, assessment
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  • 2with adjective or noun modifier A medical test of a specified kind.

    ‘routine eye exams’
    • ‘This is what she had written on that questionnaire ages ago after her medical exam.’
    • ‘Some insurers and banks are needlessly holding up the process with medical exams.’
    • ‘There was no attempt to question that, no requirement for him to have a medical exam or attend for a re-test.’
    • ‘Spina bifida, especially if severe, can be diagnosed before birth by ultrasound exam.’
    • ‘Not too impressed with the quality of medical care base on the physical exam visit.’
    • ‘She wouldn't wait for blood work or a chest film, so I conducted a quick exam in a noisy cubicle.’
    • ‘A young Native American woman went to a doctor for her first ever physical exam.’
    • ‘Optos's Optomap retinal exam gives an optometrist a wide angled view of a patient's retina.’
    • ‘The one where the Watcher's council makes her undergo some sort of rectal exam.’



/iɡˈzam/ /ɪɡˈzæm/