Definition of examination paper in English:

examination paper


  • A set of printed questions used as a test of proficiency or knowledge.

    • ‘If that is how we identify the examination paper of an Old Etonian who was being prepared for higher education, it is hard to argue that the school remains a centre of excellence.’
    • ‘Under the Data Protection Act, finalists are not able to request their exam scripts, but are able to request the information recorded on comment sheets and any comments made on the examination paper itself.’
    • ‘In a balanced examination paper, you could expect only one question on theft.’
    • ‘The decision to resit the multiple-choice paper was taken by university chiefs after it became clear some students had seen the examination paper, first set in 1999.’
    • ‘Wei Wang, from Manchester High School for Girls, is down to the last 50 students in the country after sitting a tough examination paper.’
    • ‘Think of the US Open as an examination paper presented by the oh-so-stiff United States Golf Association.’
    • ‘Have you been a victim of an error on an examination paper?’
    • ‘In a well - planned raid yesterday, members of the dog unit and Mdantsane NU1 crime prevention unit arrested a 40-year-old woman for allegedly being in possession of fraudulent documents including an examination paper.’
    • ‘However a bonus question is placed at the end of the examination paper which is more difficult than the other questions.’
    • ‘He also advised students not to become distracted by media reports on examination papers, ‘try not to fixate on an examination paper once you've completed the exam.’’
    • ‘However, when he sat the university entrance examinations his weak eyesight meant that he could not read the examination paper properly and he failed to gain a scholarship.’
    • ‘Students in their final years at school concentrate on approaches favoured in the examination paper.’
    • ‘The NCEA Level 1 Health & Physical Education examination paper contained the following question: ‘Explain how cooking affects your spirituality.’’
    • ‘Anyone who has seen the 11-plus Victorian entrance examination paper for King Edward's School, Birmingham, reprinted in the current issue of The Spectator, will have been astounded by the standard of knowledge it demanded.’
    • ‘The Crimean War was still raging in December 1855 when the 14-year-old prince of Wales submitted a disastrous six-and-a-half-line examination paper on his ancient history course.’
    • ‘One math teacher from Tirunelveli notes that some of these tough problems were akin to the IIT-Joint Entrance examination paper.’
    • ‘The GDE had already implemented its first contingency plan and it had paid dividends - no aspirant matriculant had ‘unauthorised prior access’ to the second mathematics examination paper written yesterday.’
    • ‘Lecture, examination paper, and political argument - staples of the system - are time-based, social, and sharp and enjoyable just for those reasons.’
    • ‘And then we have cases of examination paper leakages that happen every time secondary school pupils are sitting for their final papers.’