Definition of exanimate in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈsanɪmət/ /ɛkˈsanɪmət/


  • Showing no sign of life; lifeless.

    ‘his exanimate body’
    • ‘His camera portrays its exanimate victims with the gentleness of one who understands and perhaps envies the escape they've made.’
    • ‘The Christian knight administered the sacred rites of religion to her departing spirit, and then sunk into unconsciousness beside her exanimate form.’
    • ‘When Laura plays the piano, her adorer stands there, one moment an exanimate statue, the next a disembodied spirit.’
    • ‘It is a petrifaction — a fossil, existing, it is true, in a fine state of keeping, but still an exanimate stone.’
    • ‘The billows of death overwhelmed him, and cast his exanimate body on the desolate shore.’
    deceased, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away


Mid 16th century from Latin exanimatus ‘deprived of life’, from ex- ‘out’ + animatus (see animate).



/ɪkˈsanɪmət/ /ɛkˈsanɪmət/