Definition of exanthema in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈsanθɪmə/ /ˌɛksanˈθiːmə/


  • A skin rash accompanying a disease or fever.

    mass noun ‘other symptoms are allergic contact dermatitis and generalized exanthema’
    count noun ‘the diagnosis of the common exanthemata’
    • ‘A 33-year-old man presented with a generalized pruritic skin exanthema that had been present for 1 day.’
    • ‘Other childhood infections such as herpetic stomatitis, exanthema subitum, and chickenpox also seemed protective.’
    • ‘Roseola, or exanthema subitum, is caused by human herpesvirus 6.’
    • ‘A paste made of the plant with cloves, sandalwood, musk and rose-water is stated to be effective in curing exanthemata.’
    • ‘In immunocompromised patients HHV - 6 causes opportunistic infections and is the causative agent of exanthema subitum.’
    spots, skin eruption, breakout


Mid 17th century via late Latin from Greek exanthēma ‘eruption’, from ex- ‘out’ + antheein ‘to blossom’ (from anthos ‘flower’).



/ɪkˈsanθɪmə/ /ˌɛksanˈθiːmə/