Definition of exasperatingly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪɡˈzɑːspəreɪtɪŋli/ /ɛɡˈzɑːspəreɪtɪŋli/


See exasperating

  • ‘Phillips's exasperatingly self-aware first novel, Prague, kicked off the vogue for quasi-memoirs by smart young things about life in 1990s Eastern Europe.’
  • ‘The exasperatingly faint and muffled musical score contributes to its ambient soporific oddness, and it is shot throughout in the most extraordinary sepia-sunset soft focus, like a dour Russian version of Bilitis.’
  • ‘John captures, accurately too, the exasperatingly casual attitude of most Meghalaya bureaucrats towards their work, as well as the dominance of women in this matrilineal Khasi society.’
  • ‘Nothing else in creation possesses what mankind has, namely religion and complex economy, the devil lying exasperatingly in the etiological details of our associating them.’
  • ‘But the role of Sandeman brings out the self-important worst in Harris, who delivers an exasperatingly conceited, whispery performance.’
  • ‘What fun I had groping around in the dark before stumbling into the dazzling light of the centre and a guilty-looking lover chatting up the exasperatingly pretty artist.’
  • ‘It occurred to me that to focus on something like this for as long as I have is all so incredibly, exasperatingly single-minded.’
  • ‘Pa's directions to drivers are often exasperatingly cryptic.’
  • ‘My questions are also based on his exasperatingly convoluted and unclear manner of speaking.’
  • ‘The writers liked him because he was interested in the whole piece - sometimes exasperatingly so.’
  • ‘Aside from all the classical dance movements, the piece involved more unusual moves, such as the dancer pulling himself up by his own hair, boxing into the air at an unseen opponent, or exasperatingly stumping out an imaginary cigarette.’
  • ‘But Holly remains exasperatingly inconsistent, throwing together tracks with such apparent indeterminacy that even the best tracks feel like they probably only achieved greatness by accident.’
  • ‘Many readers who had known Arbus deplored the book, yet for most others, it was the only way to learn much about her, beyond what the introduction to diane arbus offered, which is exquisite but obscure, and exasperatingly brief.’
  • ‘‘He's just a merchant, ach, after all,’ he said, shrugging in an exasperatingly nonchalant fashion.’
  • ‘It was exasperatingly difficult to tear pieces of the meat off with her fingers, and after several failed attempts, she finally gave in and stuck the jerky up under the sash, angling it to fit into her mouth.’
  • ‘After all, it was known to be exasperatingly difficult to procure a prom date, particularly when the night itself was skulking just around the corner like a melodramatic mugger.’
  • ‘But Brent's reply was terse and exasperatingly enigmatic: You simply must, and you will know all in good time.’
  • ‘The girl with dark brown hair looked at the exasperatingly chirpy look on Diana's face and once again, sighed inwardly.’
  • ‘It is presumably futile to expect that question to be explored in a series which exasperatingly left lots of issues unaddressed.’
  • ‘He wouldn't talk, turning away from them and staying exasperatingly silent.’



/ɪɡˈzɑːspəreɪtɪŋli/ /ɛɡˈzɑːspəreɪtɪŋli/