Definition of excelsior in English:



  • 1Used in the names of hotels and products to indicate superior quality.

    ‘they stayed at the Excelsior’
    • ‘The news of the fabulous wealth of the Klondike creeks had broken only in mid-July, when the steamers Excelsior and Portland reached San Francisco and Seattle, respectively, with the first miners who had ‘struck it rich.’’
    • ‘Meanwhile, you're theoretically defending the Excelsior, which rarely defends itself for some reason, and its shields are made of laughter and kisses.’
    • ‘The group has bought the Excelsior, takes over the Grumpy Mole in December, owns the Loaded Hog, Shooters and is setting up a club in the old Money Club Building next door.’
    • ‘I asked him if he remembered the Excelsior 14-model butter-churn, and he said no.’
    • ‘Right in the middle of the city, the Excelsior is where many students wait for buses.’
    • ‘Credit by Examination can be earned via the College Level Examination Program, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests and the Excelsior College Examination.’
    • ‘Owned by Sullivan Lane Stable and Vincent Scuderi, Classic Endeavor also won the 2003 Excelsior Breeders' Cup Handicap at Aqueduct.’
    • ‘If you're thinking about investing in Asia, look no further than Excelsior Pacific / Asia to play the macroeconomic trends sweeping the region.’
    • ‘I am eating some Excelsior Water Crackers right now…’
    • ‘My Clayton and Shuttleworth steamroller Excelsior was delivered new to Alfred J Ward and Sons in 1902.’
    • ‘Van Persie, whose father, a sculptor, raised him as a single parent, had behavioural problems at school and clashed with coaches at his first club, Excelsior.’
    • ‘The three new Navy College Rating Partners are: Southern New Hampshire University, Excelsior University and Central Texas College.’
    • ‘Nineteen of the city's homicides have been in the Mission / Excelsior districts and 16 have been in the Bayview, with others in the Filmore.’
    • ‘To complement the awards, an Excelsior Conference will take place on Wednesday November 12, in the Burlington Hotel.’
    • ‘Well, it is Sunday night, just a few minutes after ten and here I sit in front of the computer with some Excelsior water crackers with ham flavoured cheese spread and a Ting (no VX tonight!’
  • 2North American mass noun Softwood shavings used for packing fragile goods or stuffing furniture.

    • ‘The roots are rolled tightly, like a cigarette, in excelsior and plastic to keep the roots moist until planting time.’
    • ‘Then I demonstrate with some materials in front of the class, capturing their attention by telling them, ‘There's a little puppy in this excelsior.’’
    • ‘For instance, my dream is to wrap myself as a birthday present, pack myself in excelsior and ship myself to Greenland - collect!’
    • ‘Toys stuffed with styrene foam, foam beads or excelsior must Not be washed.’
    • ‘After drying, cut off any remaining foliage and pack the bulbs in a few layers of clean vermiculite, peat moss or excelsior.’
    • ‘Using a ‘throw-away’ product - excelsior - kids can create their own three-dimensional ‘furry friends.’’
    • ‘It is the excelsior from the tea set that Kenneth mails to Rhoda that she sets afire to murder Leroy.’


Late 18th century (as an exclamation): from Latin, comparative of excelsus, from ex- ‘out, beyond’ + celsus ‘lofty’.