Definition of excentric in English:



  • Not placed centrally or arranged symmetrically about a centre.

    ‘a distinct excentric nucleus’
    • ‘Less consistently, they found excentric, small nucleoli and nuclear overlap.’
    • ‘The nucleus of the lymphocyte becomes larger, stains less dark and acquires a one-sided indentation and an excentric position.’
    • ‘To quote Black Diamond: ‘because our asymmetrical hexagonal design allows one excentric to fit four different crack configurations, the hex has a range similar to a comparably sized SLCD, at considerably reduced weight and price.’’
    • ‘The most distinctive taxon, represented by a pluricolumnal and the articular face of an isolated columnal, has low elliptical ossicles, with long fine crenulae and an apparently excentric minute lumen.’
    • ‘Maximum dc 8590 mm; maximum length measured over convex side, and estimated from incomplete specimens, in order of 200 mm. Calice deep, in form of inverted cone, base axial or only slightly excentric.’
    • ‘This Kobeh species differs from both the types of Mesophyllum lonense Stumm, 1937, and specimens referred to that species here, by having excentric and incomplete septal cones.’
    • ‘On endoscopy, she had an excentric stricture about 5 cm below the upper esophageal sphincter and a narrow, erythematous distal esophagus.’



/ɪkˈsɛntrɪk/ /ɛkˈsɛntrɪk/