Definition of exceptionalism in English:



mass noun
  • The belief that something is exceptional, especially the theory that the peaceful capitalism of the US constitutes an exception to the general economic laws governing national historical development.

    • ‘Reagan was renowned for his belief in American exceptionalism.’
    • ‘These possibilities may have complicated the search for the Great American Thing and subverted theories of American exceptionalism.’
    • ‘Did America's divided democracy produce the country's exceptionalism, or did a series of exceptional circumstances produce America's peculiar divided democracy?’
    • ‘In this regard he draws on the historical philosophy of American exceptionalism, an attitude shared by many of his contemporaries in the United States.’
    • ‘Today, a belief in human exceptionalism is distinctly out of fashion.’
    • ‘The idea of American exceptionalism was expressed domestically in the doctrine of manifest destiny.’
    • ‘Commonality replaced conflict, and the consensus historians uncritically celebrated American exceptionalism and social peace.’
    • ‘It represents, I believe, the best chance the SNP has to develop its exceptionalism beyond its demand for independence and into a wider platform.’
    • ‘Chapter Two, ‘Pressures from the Bottom,’ focuses on how evidence contrary to exceptionalism was to be reconciled.’
    • ‘In pointing to the alleged exceptionalism of the United States, they fail entirely to take into account the unique role of American capitalism as the dominant world power.’
    • ‘Central to this was the outlook of American exceptionalism - the view that the United States was a unique society, immune to the class conflicts of Europe.’
    • ‘This brings to an end the myth of America's exceptionalism.’
    • ‘What is troubling about this rhetoric of Irish exceptionalism is that not too long ago, it had an opposite, but equally extreme, flavour.’
    • ‘U.S. exceptionalism in this regard is also demonstrated by cross-national comparisons.’
    • ‘The author is repetitive in his claims for American exceptionalism with regard to planning.’
    • ‘The exceptionalism of Germany and France is less unusual than most Americans think.’
    • ‘It is obvious that we can no longer rely on our exceptionalism to keep us safe.’
    • ‘The rejection of international institutions and stable alliances is a signature aspect of this militant new exceptionalism.’
    • ‘It is confusing though - the French left still seem to have a sense of national identity, of French exceptionalism.’
    • ‘The exceptionalism of American history is thereby brought into question, with a somewhat ominous message.’