Definition of exceptionality in English:


Pronunciation /ɪksɛpʃ(ə)ˈnalɪti/ /ɛksɛpʃ(ə)ˈnalɪti/


See exceptional

  • ‘But the only exceptionality that really matters-since all nations are in their way sui generis-is the configuration that has founded its global hegemony.’
  • ‘So then we have a comedic genre whose best work exemplifies the genre itself, and a science fiction genre whose best work is based on exceptionality from the genre.’
  • ‘But the story of the asylum seekers in Papua and New Guinea is also relevant because it demonstrates the exceptionality of the present.’
  • ‘If you want to show your exceptionality, you should spend your energy in real life rather than on the Internet.’
  • ‘He may be less optimistic now, but Fukuyama retains an uncompromising belief in human exceptionality.’
  • ‘This is telling me that everybody is welcome at this school no matter what your income, no matter your exceptionality, no matter your race, no matter what…’
  • ‘‘A trained eye knows how to read the cityscape and finds it can be an adventure,’ observes Campanella, a Brooklyn native who has been intrigued with New Orleans since childhood because of its exceptionality from the national norm.’
  • ‘The teacher understands and can provide adaptations for areas of exceptionality in learning - including learning disabilities, visual and perceptual difficulties, and special physical or mental challenges.’
  • ‘A belief in your country's exceptionality takes you way out beyond the warm self-appreciation of patriotism; in naming your heritage ‘exceptional,’ you cut your ties to the family of nations and set yourself above the rules.’
  • ‘In trying to answer these questions, Cluster is an unprecedented diagnostic tool for the first three-dimensional map of the near-Earth environment, its exceptionality being given by its multi-spacecraft simultaneous observations.’
  • ‘This exceptionality allows the establishment of a sort of democracy: we are all equal because we all have the right to break the law’.’
  • ‘One question is how simple and transparent the phonemic/phonetic relationship is, and the other is whether morphological exceptionality is allowed as an integral part of that relationship.’
  • ‘Hall's odes to American progress, mission, and exceptionality characterize a good portion of the early historiography of the Old Northwest and the westward movement generally.’
  • ‘The ability to operate effortlessly in more than one domain of reality shows not schizophrenia but exceptionality, the generative elements that define the inspired artist who represents life.’
  • ‘I don't think it absolves the low-level MPs from moral responsibility, but it should steer us away from explanations which depend on their moral exceptionality.’
  • ‘His fans might not have numbered much more than 140,000 on the typical record release, but that was no barometer to anything except the exceptionality of those people, and their good judgment.’
  • ‘Though imitation should forge some mimetic relation between Ladies and Belphebe, her absolute exceptionality denies the possibility of this relation.’
  • ‘‘Her exceptionality shined through in her undergraduate days,’ says Prestage from her home in Houston.’
  • ‘The visit by Laban is worth underscoring for its exceptionality.’
  • ‘Yet his exceptionality captured on canvas, the very extremity he paints into being, seems to threaten us all.’



/ɪksɛpʃ(ə)ˈnalɪti/ /ɛksɛpʃ(ə)ˈnalɪti/