Definition of excessiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈsɛsɪvnəs/ /ɛkˈsɛsɪvnəs/


See excessive

  • ‘It is dismaying to realize that the best film to come out of America this summer - the only one whose end product justifies its bloated budget, artistic self-indulgence, and general excessiveness - was made over two decades ago.’
  • ‘Consumerism is a bottomless pit of self-indulgence and excessiveness that, rather than being fulfilling, leaves people craving for still more.’
  • ‘They seem to be giant physical manifestations of a kind of extravagance, or excessiveness, a breaking out of boundaries, form, and structure.’
  • ‘And ultimately, this excessiveness carries over into the music, as well.’
  • ‘So there may well be a good criminal charge that could be brought against Mackris and her lawyers, depending on the excessiveness of the amount sought and the use of the threat of exposure.’
  • ‘It also frames the excessiveness of the practice.’
  • ‘Just 15% of those polled said they would support moves to discourage excessiveness by making alcohol an illegal drug.’
  • ‘I think this excessiveness is a strong streak in the present federal government - this is its principle weakness.’
  • ‘It's the behaviour that should be tested for excessiveness.’
  • ‘I spent my first night simply walking from one hotel to the next, wide-eyed at the bright lights and excessiveness of it all.’
  • ‘The excessiveness of the pay demand has succeeded in undermining public support for the fire fighters.’
  • ‘Hip-hop is ideologically dichotomous to the art world's contemplative structure, and its self-conscious excessiveness grates against any attempt by the art world to soften and ultimately harness its potency.’
  • ‘Sure, this excessiveness is probably the result of one-upmanship between rival Cajun cooks, but to truly understand why turducken inspires madness, you need to harness this gluttony and aim it square at the kitchen.’
  • ‘As an allegory of human life, which it is clearly intended to be, the image is exceedingly bleak, but through the sheer excessiveness of its black humor, as well as its sure feeling for dramatic form, it communicates a kind of weird glee.’
  • ‘It is well to keep in mind that, usually, building-block approach, like standardization and unification, is linked to greater excessiveness in systems and complexes.’
  • ‘In its excessiveness, such behavior may seem maladaptive, given the modern, capitalistic attitude that espouses minimum effort for maximum return on investment.’
  • ‘The higher the standardization level, the greater the excessiveness, with excessiveness costs rising in line with system complexity growth.’
  • ‘It didn't matter that now her family had fallen from their fortunes through the foolishness and excessiveness of her grandparents and her own parents.’
  • ‘Gabriel rolled his eyes at the over-abundance and grunted at the excessiveness until his eyes caught glimpse of the shower.’
  • ‘Its intensity and excessiveness are shown to take over all aspects of her life, even her maternal role.’



/ɪkˈsɛsɪvnəs/ /ɛkˈsɛsɪvnəs/