Definition of exchange transfusion in English:

exchange transfusion


mass nounMedicine
  • The simultaneous removal of a patient's blood and replacement by donated blood, used in treating serious conditions such as haemolytic disease of the newborn.

    • ‘The lights help change bilirubin in the baby's blood to a form that can be easily disposed of in urine. This treatment is usually effective, but a few babies may need a special type of blood transfusion called an exchange transfusion.’
    • ‘Complications of exchange transfusion can include air embolism, vasospasm, infarction, infection, and even death.’
    • ‘Some babies may be severely affected, demonstrate rapid RBC destruction, and anemia, and require exchange transfusion for treatment.’
    • ‘Phototherapy remains the mainstay of treatment for neonatal jaundice, and newer recommendations reserve exchange transfusion for only the most severe cases of hyperbilirubinemia.’
    • ‘He developed exchange transfusion for the management of pregnant women with profound anaemia and cardiac failure.’
    • ‘This is called exchange transfusion - the baby's blood is drawn off and it is given new blood of the same type.’
    • ‘Indicated for infants showing a rapid rise in bilirubin and as a temporizing measure when one is contemplating exchange transfusion.’
    • ‘This observation was the basis for aggressive guidelines recommending the use of exchange transfusion in all infants with significant hyperbilirubinemia.’
    • ‘Confronted with this wide range, the pediatrician's dilemma would be whether or not to proceed with a blood exchange transfusion.’
    • ‘When a recurrent bone crisis lasts for weeks, an exchange transfusion may be required to abort the cycle.’
    • ‘If your baby's bilirubin level gets too high, and phototherapy does not work well enough, the baby might need an exchange transfusion.’
    • ‘In severe cases, an exchange transfusion may be necessary.’