Definition of exchanger in English:


Pronunciation /ɪkˈstʃeɪndʒə/ /ɛkˈstʃeɪndʒə/


See exchange

  • ‘Quite often, the exchangers add as if by negligence one more digit in the ‘buy’ rate for the euro and instead of 1.954 they put it as 1.195.’
  • ‘Swap cars, too, as many home - exchangers do, and a holiday can cost less than a quarter of the price of the same trip with a rented property and vehicle.’
  • ‘So, although it may be easier for you to go through the euro-airport without bothering a money exchanger, macroeconomic management remains as complex as ever.’
  • ‘Although more than 80% of the women in each group indicated that having a steady partner is important, 58.5% of the exchangers and 36.5% of the nonexchangers reported being single.’
  • ‘Passive humidifiers or heat-moisture exchangers decrease ventilator circuit colonization but have not significantly reduced the incidence of VAP.’
  • ‘The results present a framework for structure-function relationships of cation / Ca 2 + exchangers, suggesting unique signature motifs of conserved residues that may underlie divergent functional properties.’
  • ‘High-volume syringe exchangers may be the most frequent injectors, resulting in more medical complications; however, no health-specific data were available for NEP participants, thus this hypothesis could not be tested.’
  • ‘For the subset of participants who provided data at all three time points, rates of syringe sharing, syringe reuse, and indirect sharing decreased over time for both exchangers and nonexchangers.’
  • ‘Three general routes of syringe distribution were identified between primary and secondary exchangers: between close friends and lovers; for people who lived in close proximity to them; and with customers who bought drugs from them.’
  • ‘‘If we couldn't go at the last minute, our backup plan is to move in with my mother and allow the exchangers to stay in the house anyway, ‘says Cheryl.’’
  • ‘Once prosperous merchants, bankers, moneylenders and currency exchangers, they were uprooted from their homes and occupations in the early 90s.’
  • ‘At best, by entering into secondary exchange relations with others who are regular SEP participants, the secondary exchangers are associating with a group of users who are likely to be more educated in harm reduction practices.’
  • ‘In general, plate heat exchangers take up less space than other types of heat-transfer systems like tubular exchangers and can be more easily alternated in plate number, location or flow depending on process requirements.’
  • ‘Enhancements have been made for different types of heat exchangers - including plate heat exchangers, tubular heat and scraped-surface exchangers - as well as for gasketed and welded units.’
  • ‘Four STMP servers running Postfix are used: two of them are mail exchangers for the HEC Montréal domains and the other two serve internal mailing needs.’
  • ‘Although some local businesses already accept cash payments in yuan for goods purchased by visiting Chinese, they exchange the yuan back to Hong Kong dollars through unofficial channels, such as private money exchangers.’
  • ‘To study the joint kinematics, we used a radiographic laboratory equipped with two ceiling-mounted radiographic tubes and two film exchangers designed for repeated and simultaneous exposures.’
  • ‘If enough magma congealed around the exchangers it could degrade performance and cause damage.’
  • ‘Air-to-air exchangers will dehumidify and provide a constant 0.75 air change per hour, compared with the average four to five air changes per hour that leak into the average wood frame home.’



/ɪkˈstʃeɪndʒə/ /ɛkˈstʃeɪndʒə/