Definition of excimer in English:



  • An unstable excited molecule which is formed by the combination of two smaller molecules and rapidly dissociates with emission of radiation, utilized in some kinds of laser.

    • ‘A gas mixture of a gas discharge laser such as an excimer or molecular fluorine laser is stabilized.’
    • ‘Using various concentrations of dyes and different processing conditions, they could produce almost any combination of monomer and excimer emission.’
    • ‘The standoff distance between the hydrophone and polystyrene plate was 0.5 mm for the excimer and ruby lasers.’
    • ‘The excimer laser emits an ultraviolet beam that has sufficient energy to break intermolecular bonds within the cornea (photoablation).’
    • ‘The rapid appearance of pyrene excimers suggested that when micelles were mixed with buffer at pH 8.5, they quickly aggregated.’
    • ‘No fluorophore was taken up when either the excimer or the ruby laser was used to generate the shock wave.’
    • ‘A laser beam that has a very shallow penetration depth and will perforate calcified plaque is the excimer laser.’
    • ‘Pyrene-labeled lipids were excited at 344 nm, and monomer and excimer emission intensities were detected at 398 and 480 nm, respectively, with bandpasses of 4.0 nm.’
    • ‘The term excimer is derived from excited dimer, a term coined by physical chemists in the 1960s to describe short-lived energized molecules with two identical components.’
    • ‘This occurs via close chlorophyll - chlorophyll interactions, dimers or excimers.’
    • ‘Conventional excimer lasers, based on a single-chamber design, produce narrowband output by using optical filters to select only a small portion of the full spectrum generated by the system, discarding the out-of-band energy.’
    • ‘Wavefront Lasik Surgery involves tailoring the excimer laser treatment to very small visual irregularities.’
    • ‘The illumination used is a pulsed excimer laser operating at lithographic wavelength.’
    • ‘A machine using an excimer laser can be used to vaporise parts of the outer surface of the corneas so as to convert these into spherical lenses and permanently correct the astigmatism.’
    • ‘The excimer laser ablation nomogram controls the relative distribution of the refraction correction into one or more zones.’
    • ‘Alternative methods of treatment for metallic and ceramic surfaces involve excimer or CO2 lasers, or bombardment with high-energy ions, resulting in ablation of surface contaminants.’
    • ‘The excimer laser is capable of precision etchings on a single strand of hair.’
    • ‘The excimer laser can be used either on the surface, after removing corneal epithelium before treatment (photorefractive keratectomy), or within the stroma, after cutting a corneal flap (laser in situ keratomileusis or LASIK).’
    • ‘The excimer laser penetrates only approximately 5% to 10% of the corneal depth in performing the sculpting process.’
    • ‘The computer-controlled laser, which is known as an excimer laser, takes only seconds to remove precisely the right amount of corneal tissue.’


1960s blend of excited and dimer.