Definition of excision in English:



mass noun
  • The action of excising something.

    ‘the excision of the carcinoma’
    • ‘All excised tissues were frozen in liquid nitrogen immediately after excision and kept at - 80°C for later analysis.’
    • ‘Wound excision involves removal of dead and contaminated tissue that, if left, would become a medium for infection.’
    • ‘A cancer, in the medicine of the time, could be eliminated only through excision.’
    • ‘No pathologic or radiologic features were associated with the finding of invasive carcinoma at excision.’
    • ‘That would eliminate potential infection and restrict the extent of excision.’
    • ‘It suffered somewhat from the amount that had to be cut from the book, so how they'll handle the fourth one is anyone's guess, as it'll require twice as much excision.’
    • ‘Tissue was cryopreserved as soon as possible after surgical excision and stored in liquid nitrogen vapor.’
    • ‘We regard excision of any external component as unnecessary, especially if such excision is likely to be a major factor contributing to postoperative pain.’
    • ‘Ligation and excision of a small segment of the vas plus fascial interposition is more effective at occluding the vas than is ligation and excision alone.’
    • ‘Early excision and grafting have been shown to reduce pain, shorten hospital stay, and accelerate return to normal function in moderate injuries.’
    • ‘Electrical dissociation of the atria from the great veins was carried out by surgical excision of the veins from their insertion sites and then suturing them back.’
    • ‘He had subsequent radical excision of the recurrent nodule, including surrounding abdominal wall, costal cartilages, and ribs.’
    • ‘As this procedure avoids a cutaneous incision it was assumed to cause less postoperative pain and a faster recovery than conventional excision.’
    • ‘The first excision to be made is the pas de trois in Act 1.’
    • ‘She underwent a craniotomy and excision of this tumour.’
    • ‘Indeed, many sequences are improved enormously by the careful excision of cinematically uninteresting material.’
    • ‘According to the Scholander assumption, an excised leaf should suck air into open vessels if it is dehydrated at the time of excision.’
    • ‘Treatment by surgical excision or physical ablation of the excess tissue may improve cosmetic appearance.’
    • ‘In general, surgical excision is the most effective and preferred treatment for primary skin cancer.’
    • ‘Treatment was by surgical excision and urethral reconstruction, which achieved a good result.’
    elimination, removal, suppression



/ɪkˈsɪʒ(ə)n/ /ɛkˈsɪʒ(ə)n/