Definition of excitability in English:


Pronunciation /ɪksʌɪtəˈbɪlɪti/ /ɪksʌɪtəˈbɪləti/


See excitable

  • ‘Paradoxical CNS stimulation results in talkativeness, excitability, restlessness, anxiety, mania, hyperactivity, delirium, and rage.’
  • ‘Euphoria is gradually displaced by restlessness, extreme excitability, insomnia, and paranoia - and eventually hallucinations and delusions.’
  • ‘Using police strategies and crowd simulations to inspire protest tactics, Nold relies on the excitability of crowds and offers tools for civil disobedience including sonic vibration for material disturbance.’
  • ‘Their excitability every time a Briton comes a pathetic eighth in some godforsaken sport suggests that urine samples should be taken at once - not from the competitors but from the presenters.’
  • ‘Can't we sometimes accept that they're just well-meaning socialists who can be excused a little excitability because they're young and passionate?’
  • ‘A third feature is autonomic reactivity, which results in angry outbursts, difficulty in sleeping and hyper excitability.’
  • ‘I know that I am given to excitability, and likewise given to feeling too much about the significance of architecture.’
  • ‘Having been trapped inside all day, being artificially suppressed and made to be quiet in the classroom there is an explosion of excitability on being released.’
  • ‘AEDs prevent seizures by controlling the excitability of the brain.’
  • ‘Halligan's excitability might seem to be her greatest handicap in anchoring a studio-based gabfest.’
  • ‘These signals are responsible for the effects of caffeine consumption such as alertness, excitability, increased mental awareness, and restlessness.’
  • ‘The electrolytes sodium, potassium, and calcium are essential to neuromuscular excitability, secretory activity, and membrane permeability, among many other cellular functions.’
  • ‘Diffusion of ions across membranes determines the electrical excitability of nerve and muscle, the contraction of muscle fibers, and the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters by many different cells.’
  • ‘Serotonin has been demonstrated to enhance excitability and spike output in vertebrate and invertebrate neurons, and it has been suggested that the underlying mechanism may be a decrease in potassium conductance.’
  • ‘The involvement of both SES and age in the regression equation is interesting as it suggests that age is having adverse effects on erectile response beyond an age-related decline in sexual excitability.’
  • ‘The enzyme then travels out to the cell membrane, opening ion channels that heighten the cell's excitability, and stoking protein machinery that propels neurotransmitters into the synapse.’
  • ‘Rare side effects include: Seizure, fainting, muscle tightness, menstrual changes, excitability, trouble breathing, swelling of feet or legs.’
  • ‘In this case by clearing heat and detoxifying it helps calm excitability just as Western skullcap detoxifies drugs and other toxins from the blood that perpetuate addictive tendencies and unrest.’
  • ‘We believe this gene is very powerful because it acts on the final common pathway and has the ability to change the excitability of neurons.’
  • ‘At such times an electric globe displays within its form the bias that a technological society has against obscurity and its preference for superfluent clarity, excitability and of becoming overheated.’



/ɪksʌɪtəˈbɪlɪti/ /ɪksʌɪtəˈbɪləti/