Definition of excitably in English:



See excitable

  • ‘‘When we hire guys, they know [not to] bring any mental baggage in here,’ Koenig says pacing excitably across the dim studio, red wine in hand.’
  • ‘Moore scrambles around the film like a big shaggy dog, jumping up and knocking things over, excitably putting together all sorts of possible connections.’
  • ‘The two managed a pretty good Mutt and Jeff routine between them: squat, professorially-maned Rosenbaum prodded and praised excitably while the lean, unflappable director shrugged off analysis and goofed for the crowd.’
  • ‘Jay gave Cassidy an apologetic look and took the leash from Tiffany's hand, Gizmo jumped up excitably, knocking a pretty ivory vase off a spindly table with her tail, and it shattered to the floor.’
  • ‘He waved back at the two men in the boat as they waved excitably at him.’