Definition of excitatory in English:



  • Characterized by, causing, or constituting excitation.

    ‘the excitatory action of these impulses’
    • ‘Neurosteroids can therefore alter neuronal excitability very rapidly by binding to receptors for inhibitory or excitatory neurotransmitters at the cell membrane.’
    • ‘The NMDA receptor is activated by glutamate, the primary excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain.’
    • ‘The parasympathetic nervous system is excitatory and results in the contraction of smooth muscle, whereas the sympathetic system inhibits smooth muscle in the digestive system.’
    • ‘Either of these receptors has an excitatory or inhibitory effect on the end organ.’
    • ‘However, in other cases, it may be associated with a biochemical and/or physiological defect in the brain of the patient with epilepsy presumably due to an imbalance of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.’
    • ‘Norepinephrine and serotonin may be excitatory or inhibitory, but they are functionally inhibitory on pain transmission; glutamate is the other important excitatory neurotransmitter.’
    • ‘The cells that responded to nerve stimulation were most likely principal neurons and not interneurons, because fast excitatory postsynaptic potentials were recorded in these cells.’
    • ‘The responsible nerves appear to include both excitatory cholinergic fibers and inhibitory fibers that probably release nitric oxide.’
    • ‘Ampakine drugs enhance excitatory communication, thereby partially or completely restoring the brains excitatory communication.’
    • ‘Glutamate, incidentally, is the workhorse excitatory transmitter for neurons in the brain.’
    • ‘In the heart, arrhythmias arise due to metabolic deficiencies; these are interpreted as originating directly from the excitatory muscle tissue sensitive to acidosis.’
    • ‘In order to bring normal balance between excitatory and inhibitory postsynaptic potential, antiseizure drugs may use one or more of the following mechanisms.’
    • ‘The active transport mechanism for methylfolate across the blood-brain barrier strictly limits the entry of the vitamin, perhaps for reasons concerned with the excitatory properties of folic acid.’
    • ‘Spontaneous central excitatory phenomena and a reduction in flow demand help mitigate the effect of attenuation of chemical and neuromechanical compensatory responses that characterizes REM sleep.’
    • ‘The need to develop a medication that is consistently effective for cocaine abuse has brought attention to another class of agents called excitatory amino acid antagonists.’
    • ‘Two kinds of motor nerves, excitatory nerves that release acetylcholine and inhibitory nerves that release nitric oxide, account for all events that occur in smooth muscle of the esophagus in a swallow.’
    • ‘In the brain, 80% of manganese is found in the enzyme glutamine synthetase, which inactivates the excitatory amino acid glutamate to glutamine.’
    • ‘In the esophagus, most investigators have observed excitatory effects in the form of an increased incidence of nonpropulsive contractions or an increased contraction force.’
    • ‘If an excitatory input, associated with hypoxia, was received by the respiratory motor centers in the brainstem, an increase in respiratory activity should have resulted.’
    • ‘Verbal disapproval, when used alone, has been shown to increase noncompliance, and shouted commands often result in excitatory effects in preschoolers.’



/ɪkˈsʌɪtət(ə)ri/ /ɛkˈsʌɪtət(ə)ri/