Definition of excitement in English:


Pronunciation /ikˈsītmənt/ /ɪkˈsaɪtmənt/

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  • 1A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

    ‘her cheeks were flushed with excitement’
    • ‘the excitement of seeing a live leopard’
    • ‘A bit of planning can help children face the coming year with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.’
    • ‘At one point, I'm sure that I was almost frothing at the mouth with enthusiasm and excitement.’
    • ‘I can't dredge up any lingering childhood excitement or enthusiasm for Christmas.’
    • ‘Right now my enthusiasm, my excitement and my adrenaline levels are unbelievable.’
    • ‘This left a point between the sides and excitement was now at fever pitch by both sets of supporters.’
    • ‘It was hard work but glorious, his excitement rising to fever pitch as the tunnel shortened.’
    • ‘It was the aroma of the Christmas cake baking that triggered the anticipations and excitement.’
    • ‘She was totally unprepared for the maelstrom of emotion and excitement in which she found herself.’
    • ‘I can still remember the intense excitement that greeted the beginning of Channel Ten.’
    • ‘He conveys the emotion and excitement without forcing himself on listeners and viewers.’
    • ‘The influence of this card manifests love, romance and excitement in your life today.’
    • ‘I woke up this morning with a knot of excitement and anticipation nestling comfortably in my stomach.’
    • ‘With a mass of further celebrations to come, the community is in a tizzy of excitement.’
    • ‘Anticipation is keen, excitement is not far away, people are living for the moment.’
    • ‘A gaggle of buyers stood round the auctioneer and the sense of excitement was intense.’
    • ‘My publisher, flush with excitement over the sales figures, had his own plans for the book.’
    • ‘A game from which thrill and excitement were appreciated by a very large portion of Australia.’
    • ‘Fans looking for thrill-a-minute excitement are unlikely to be disappointed.’
    • ‘The thrill and excitement of capturing unique moments is not the only thing that John enjoys about his work.’
    • ‘The excitement and thrill of doing up the house and making it my own is about as flat as my bank account.’
    exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation, feverishness, fever, delirium, agitation, emotion, fire, fieriness, intensity, zeal, zest
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    1. 1.1Something that arouses enthusiasm and eagerness; an exciting incident.
      ‘the excitements of the previous night’
      • ‘They have probably discovered the excitements, stimulations and frustrations of living in another country and of being part of a multicultural, perhaps even a truly global community.’
      • ‘And the reason it's worked, I think, is because it's an amazing adventure story told in a rather old-fashioned way, you know, full of cliff hangers and excitements as well as comedy.’
      • ‘Village celebrations and feast days, visiting entertainers, Sunday school excursions, even (when buses came in) excursions to Bournemouth, were the highest excitements of life.’
      • ‘Make up your mind as to what is the duty of honest citizens because all these political excitements will soon be gone.’
      • ‘It isn't that the novel is badly written - the plotting and pacing reveal the steady hand of the professional - it just doesn't possess the excitements of the poolside diversion nor the dark matter of more provoking reads.’
      • ‘And then we complain about the dullness, and invent excitements that are the kind we really like: moon shots, spaceships, curing diseases.’
      • ‘Goodness knows what ups and downs await the world of racing in the coming 12 months but after the excitements of the year ending tonight, I'm sure none of us will complain if the tempo drops just a fraction.’
      • ‘Behind these excitements and behind the emotional outbursts of opinion and violence, the biggest issue remains the contest between secularism and religion at the heart of Indian governance.’
      • ‘That's the first thing you learn in the wilds of life, where thrive all the arts, action, adventure, discoveries, revelations, epiphanies, excitements and beauties.’
      • ‘At the most obvious level it's a dark comedy about a man in the grip of a middle-aged crisis, desperate to revisit the excitements of growing up in the eye of the storm raging in London in the 1960s.’
      • ‘In the early 1980s, a lot of people were waking up to the cultural possibilities and, yes, the aesthetic excitements, of design.’
      • ‘It will explore the excitements of Paris between the wars, through opera, ballet, concerts, oratorio, film and visual arts, and a specially commissioned book.’
      • ‘Such excitements have not yet been seen on the streets of old Riga, but that mixed blessing - the low-cost airline - may soon be visited upon the city.’
      • ‘The result is thrilling: a book that combines the excitements of a soaring historical narrative with those of a subtle and deeply intriguing detective tale.’
      • ‘From Fleet Street through to St Paul's Cathedral there was a rolling barrage of music, and great fanfares and other excitements.’
      • ‘At children's parties, the excitements include pass the parcel and hide and seek; at adult parties you have the excitement of the mystery guest.’
      • ‘Who can focus, in newsrooms abuzz with today's excitements, on last month's story, which is not going to be exclusive anyway?’
      • ‘My friend Alan from Oldham was staying, wanting to see some of the excitements of London, though neither of us had as much money as we would have liked.’
      • ‘Despite the excitements it had to offer, I was happy to leave the pollution and sprawl of L.A. and set off for the shores of Tonga.’
      • ‘It took the excitements and sensations in its stride and refused to make a crisis out of a drama.’
      thrill, thrilling sensation, exciting sensation, adventure, treat
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    2. 1.2Sexual arousal.
      ‘Enjoy the look on your partner's face as you build them into a frenzy of sexual excitement.’
      • ‘The quantity and colour of this can change during the menstrual cycle, sexual excitement and pregnancy.’
      • ‘In addition, his sexual excitement results in a self-conscious desire to conceal himself.’
      • ‘Did he never think that playing a man who finds sexual excitement in car-crashes could damage his career?’
      • ‘They develop during puberty and start to release sweat in response to stress, emotion and sexual excitement.’
      • ‘I guess when couples date but live apart there is some kind of excitement a bit like being in school and dating someone.’
      • ‘So, our relationship was a bit lacking in passion and excitement, but whose isn't?’
      • ‘Aren't we playing up to the male libido and their insatiable desire for sex and excitement?’
      • ‘My, where has all that excitement, romance and discovery dissipated itself to?’
      • ‘He was used to the shiver of excitement, desire, that he got when she was near him, when she touched him.’
      • ‘For many, that left just enough time to nip home, take a shower, and head in to work, tired but still flush with excitement.’
      • ‘He thought back to the flush of excitement that had driven him to propose at seventeen.’
      • ‘Avoid people, situations, pictures, or reading materials that might create sexual excitement.’
      • ‘Dmitri watched her pale shoulders quiver ever so slightly and felt his own excitement build.’
      • ‘I feel nervous excitement build in my stomach spreading over my whole body.’
      • ‘Everything moved so slowly once again, as the excitement rose up within him.’
      arousal, sexual arousal, passion, fire, glow
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