Definition of exclamatory in English:



  • (of a cry or remark) expressing surprise, strong emotion, or pain.

    • ‘By the time he finished his exclamatory remark I was doubled over with laughter spilling out between my lips.’
    • ‘Playful punkety rocker Atom and His Package wrote in with exclamatory praise and a promise to send submissions of his own visual art.’
    • ‘Great men have great idiosyncrasies, and the stubbornness with which Wolfe reproduces his exclamatory voice after it has been mimicked so many times makes it appear less a fault than a flourish.’
    • ‘Tossed into an online translation tool, the error message was deciphered into nothing more than exclamatory East Bloc internet garble: ‘Note!’’
    • ‘No wonder the Italian poet Petrarch, who idolised women, could not read her letters without exclamatory annotations in the margins.’
    • ‘Not that I'm going out of my way looking for bad press, but even the grumpiest rock critics haven't typed anything except exclamatory, flowery and glowing reviews of this magnificent pop six-piece.’
    • ‘Opener ‘Feather By Feather’ ends with an exclamatory chorus, hinting that perhaps our hero's finally found the perfect match.’
    • ‘His vocalising tends to come in louder passages, like the brusque opening of the finale of Beethoven's F sharp major Sonata Op 78, and is more of an exclamatory or even explosive release.’
    • ‘‘Pendejo’ is a much-loved noun, which can also become adjectival, adverbial and exclamatory.’
    • ‘Indeed, the waters - and the menus - are full of fish with exclamatory names like wahoo and mahi-mahi.’
    • ‘Does the writer not understand that they have given us enough, without the need to underline their bizarre message with such an exclamatory flourish?’
    • ‘Each piece of correspondence reads like a love letter, breathless and exclamatory.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, I noticed one of those exclamatory weekly magazines on the news-stand.’
    • ‘Yet another suggestion is that the book should be called ‘The Testimony of Solomon,’ capturing the possible legal and religious connotations of assembly, but this seems excessively formal for the author's exclamatory and spiky style.’
    • ‘‘I love my bed,’ confirms Greta, with an exclamatory bounce.’
    • ‘Structurally, he makes excellent use of run-on sentences for exclamatory emphasis; doubled lines (or more often quadrupled hiccups) propel his best songs.’
    • ‘Valery conveys a sense of the viewer's charged state and the imminent darkness in his exclamatory tones, alternating lines with choppy rhythms with those that hurtle towards their close.’
    • ‘The viewer's voice is marked by almost disarming shifts in tone; his voice is at one moment exclamatory, at the next, subdued, and at the close of stanza fifteen, almost resigned.’
    • ‘She was also talking so quickly that all of her words slurred together into this large mass of exclamatory and paranoiac volumes, which took me a while to reconfigure into the actual English language.’



/ɪkˈsklamət(ə)ri/ /ɛkˈsklamət(ə)ri/