Definition of exclosure in English:



  • An area from which unwanted animals are excluded.

    • ‘After the fence is completed, The Nature Conservancy will conduct aggressive alien plant and animal control within the exclosure, which will also serve as a reintroduction site for at least three more endangered plant species.’
    • ‘We report growth for Tiarella, a species that has spread clonally within exclosures but not outside exclosures where survival has been low.’
    • ‘In cases where we tested the hypothesis that arthropod densities and leaf damage would be lower in the control (with birds) than in the experimental exclosures (birds excluded), we used one-tailed tests for significance.’
    • ‘Using animal exclosures similar to Bartholomew's, Halligan also examined the effects of small herbivores.’
    • ‘To protect the cactus, tribal members erected exclosures in rugged terrain on two mountain peaks on Tohono O'odham Nation lands.’
    • ‘Staff immediately constructed chicken wire exclosures to protect the remaining plants.’
    • ‘An exclosure we erected allows them to see the difference between deer-free and deer-inhabited forestland.’
    • ‘Although crawling predators, such as spiders, were occasionally able to enter predator exclosures through ‘ant entrances,’ net bags were nevertheless very effective at excluding predators.’
    • ‘To test whether or not there was enough animal activity to produce or maintain the ‘halos’, Bartholomew set up various types of one-foot square exclosures in both grassland and bare zone areas.’
    • ‘Flowers opened inside the bags, and any resulting fruits developed within the exclosures, thus being also protected from herbivores.’
    • ‘Each exclosure included a diagonal fence running from one corner of the open side to the opposite rear corner.’
    • ‘Large exclosures were used to exclude mammalian herbivores, and open units of the same size were used as controls.’
    • ‘However, exclosures and open control plots were replicated in each field, allowing us to determine the influence of mammalian herbivory on vegetation dynamics within a field.’
    • ‘However, at Blacktail, after several years of vole exclusion, legumes became more common in exclosures than in control plots that were accessible to voles.’
    • ‘Bird exclusion also interacted almost significantly with year, which reflected the fact that grasshopper densities were lower beneath bird exclosures in some years and higher in others.’
    • ‘Of the seedlings that survived the greater than 10 years of the experiment, those exposed to herbivory were significantly shorter than individuals of the same species in the exclosures.’
    • ‘We installed 12 new goose exclosures (1 × 1 m; made of chicken wire, 2.5-cm mesh) every year at snow-melt in late June.’
    • ‘As in the naturally established mesquites, there was a significant increase through time in the cover of transplanted mesquites within browser exclosures and none in exposed plants.’
    • ‘Predator exclosures caused a strong reduction in nontreatment predator levels, with no difference in abundance between treatments.’
    • ‘Gillen adds that the key to the exclosures is not what's inside them, but what's outside: ‘There shouldn't be vast differences,’ he says.’


1920s from ex- ‘out’ + closure, on the pattern of enclosure.



/ɪkˈskləʊʒə/ /ɛkˈskləʊʒə/