Definition of excluder in English:



See exclude

  • ‘Following standard procedures, the test frames were placed above the queen excluder in each queenright discriminator colony and sandwiched between two frames containing brood of all ages (eggs, larvae, and pupae).’
  • ‘The National Marine Fisheries Service will provide the aquariums with a turtle excluder, a device required on ocean shrimp trawls.’
  • ‘In May 1990, the National Academy of Sciences estimated that as many as 55,000 sea turtles annually drown in American shrimp nets not equipped with turtle excluder device that allow turtles to escape the trawl net.’
  • ‘Knowledge of sea turtle swimming behavior was crucial in the development of turtle excluder devices, which prevent bycatch of endangered turtles during shrimp fishing.’
  • ‘However, out on the open road, the absence of a backdraught excluder screen (optional but not on the test car) meant wind noise and turbulence limited cruising speeds to what was comfortable.’