Definition of exclusionary in English:



  • 1Relating to or characterized by the exclusion of something, especially from a contract or group.

    ‘exclusionary membership policies’
    ‘there should be no exclusionary language’
    • ‘The history of the U.S. labour movement offers innumerable examples for the long-term consequences of exclusionary practices.’
    • ‘Also, make sure there is no exclusionary language pertaining to pre-existing conditions or any need for individual underwriting.’
    • ‘Proposing a limiting, exclusionary definition of painting may have broad implications.’
    • ‘Significantly, exclusionary zoning has NOT been ruled a barrier to interstate migration.’
    • ‘Clearly, the courts and regulators are still figuring out how to think about exclusionary behavior by large corporations.’
    • ‘Educational standards are perceived by many, including some within the educational establishment, as elitist and exclusionary.’
    • ‘The author keenly examines higher education and the contradiction inherent in its exclusionary nature thriving amidst a democracy.’
    • ‘Artistic rather than athletic and unable to pay the skiing fees anyway, he feels outcast by the uniform and exclusionary religious community there.’
    • ‘Even though tolerance may be generous and open-minded, it is also by definition exclusionary -- the problem with being the object of tolerance is a lack of full inclusion in American life.’
    • ‘Some factors are clearly exclusionary (e.g., a history of sociopathy) whereas others may require additional treatment before couples therapy begins (for example, substance abuse).’
    1. 1.1Relating to an item or eventuality specifically not covered by an insurance policy or other contract.
      ‘an exclusionary rule barring liability of the police for negligence’
      • ‘"Often, insurance policies have exclusionary clauses that say if you don't notify them in a timely way, you lose your coverage," she said.’
      • ‘If there are exclusionary provisions in agreements, the existence of privilege will not prevent the agreements being provided.’
      • ‘Insurance companies are beginning to write exclusionary clauses for mold in their policies.’
      • ‘Key elements of a liability policy include the insuring agreement, conditions of the contract, and exclusionary clauses.’
      • ‘Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but our ad's exclusionary clause prevents us from offering free pop to diabetics."’
      • ‘The change from the "authorized by law" exclusionary clause to the "valid driver's licence" exclusionary clause was dealt with by the Financial Services Commission in an arbitration decision on a preliminary issue.’
      • ‘Then section 36 is the exclusionary provision in respect of injury which applies in this case.’
      • ‘If we did not have the exclusionary provision, there may be full compensation.’
      • ‘Paragraph (d) is the exclusionary provision, modified by subsection (5).’
      • ‘Section 36 is the exclusionary provision in respect of injury which applies in this case.’